Kleiner Ochs’nbrater
Viktualienmarkt 11
80331 Munich
+49 (89) 29 82 82

Opening hours:
Tu – Sa, 10am to 6pm
(Weather permitting, possibly
shorter opening hours)

Welcome to the Kleiner Ochs’nbrater
at Munich’s picturesque Viktualienmarkt.

Head for the heart of the Bavarian capital, stop at the foot of St. Peter’s Church, and look for the fountain with the statue of famed folk singer Roider Jackl, his guitar raised in salute. That’s where you’ll find the Kleiner Ochs’nbrater. Our beer garden under the Viktualienmarkt’s venerable trees accommodates 78 people, outdoors in summer and in a tent in winter. There’s no better place to soak up the late afternoon sun than at our corner of the Viktualienmarkt.

Organic and local fare

Family-run for 26 years now, the Kleiner Ochs’nbrater serves unfiltered, organic Landshut Brauhaus beer on tap, fresh from the barrel. Be sure to try a specialty you won’t find anywhere else on the Viktualienmarkt, our Ochs’nbrater-Semmel with roasted ox from Gut Karlshof, which also supplies oxen to the Oktoberfest. Our Fleischpflanzerl (beef patties), Weißwürste (white sausages), pretzels, rolls and all other traditional Munich fare are sourced from organic farms.

Come enjoy our tasty organic food and beverages

A convivial gathering place in the heart of the city

The Kleiner Ochs’nbrater is the place to meet for locals and out-of-towners, for regulars and famished first-timers, for Bavarian veal sausage-eating business types and tourists of every stripe.
This is one Old Munich landmark you won’t want to miss.